Holy moly.  The past couple weeks we’ve been testing different wording on the buttons on our website.  Here’s the bottom line…

Two weeks ago the button said “Find Out.”  Turns out 3% of the people clicked on the button.  Not great, but not bad either.  The average is 1% for most conversion attempts like that.

Last week we changed the text and tested a button that said “Sign Me Up” and it got an 18.2% conversion rate.  Outstanding!  We never know what the results are going to be, but without testing it, we could have used the wrong text forever.  Lesson learned?  Pretty obvious, isn’t it?  Test all your variables.  Change your headlines.  Change your buttons.  Change your prices.  Until you test it, you’ll never know if you could be getting 6 times more people to act.

Hope that helps.


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