Marketing in a slow economy shouldn’t really be any different than marketing in a boom.  Doesn’t it seem counter-intuitive to scale back your marketing when sales begin to slow down?  After all, when should you be marketing?  When you have a lot of sales or when you really need more sales?  So then, why are so many business owners cutting their marketing budgets right now?  Maybe it’s because it’s easier to cut marketing than cutting salaries?  Or maybe because everyone else is doing it?  Well, just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t make it a smart idea.

Since marketing in a slow economy seems to be such an important topic, I’ve been working on great report that I’ll be revealing in the next couple days.  This is going to be a real eye-opener.  I’ve been looking at how preferences tend to change depending on the economy and have compiled a huge list of things to consider before launching your next marketing campaign.

So, I began this post by saying that…

marketing in a slow economy shouldn’t be any different than in a boom, but I was wrong.  The more I look into this topic of preferences and how they change depending on the economic outlook, the more I see the need for modifications to your marketing campaigns.

Here are a couple things I’ll be highlighting:

Did you know that men find different types of women attractive depending on the economy?  If you know which type of women men prefer right now, images of those types of women are guaranteed to convert better than the wrong type.  Do you know which type of image to choose next time?

Do you know which products are guaranteed to sell better in a slow economy?

Did you know that people eat foods with less water content in a slow economy?  Find out why.

These are just a couple of the questions that I’ll answer in my revealing blog post later this week.  You won’t want to miss this one.  Until then…

Chadd Bryant

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