So you’re thinking about marketing in a recession.  Looking for some low cost marketing ideas?

Well, I’m starting to hear from clients who have been fine without marketing for years.  Their businesses have been so strong that they have literally not done any marketing whatsoever.  That’s fantastic.  However, these days, even strong businesses are slowing down to the point where they are turning to marketing for help.

Unfortunately for some, they turn to marketing too late.  They are out of money and want something that will give them that much-needed shot in the arm that will turn their business around.  If you’re in that boat, it’s a hard place to be.  There aren’t a lot of options that are totally free.  Although advertising costs have dropped a lot due to lack of demand, they still cost something.

If you’ve noticed, phone books are thinner this year.  Those real estate booklets that you find at the grocery store are less than a dozen pages.  Advertisers are holding on to their money and are not spending anything with those companies.  What’s that mean for you?  Exceptional advantages because your competition isn’t advertising.  In fact, a publication that we get in the mail is charging half of what they used to for their ads.  I was talking with a local restaurant owner who advertises in one of those coupon mailers and he has the back cover for $420.  That’s amazing considering that the publication is sent to 10,000 homes.  That’s $.04 per piece.  That’s ten times less than the cost of a postage stamp.  You can’t beat that.  It would cost you $4200 to send your own mailer and that’s just the postage cost alone, not to mention design, writing, and printing.

If you’re not in a retail business and you’re more interested in B2B marketing, then tune in tomorrow and I’ll discuss a couple options for you that may be of interest.  Until then…

Chadd Bryant

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