Here’s another quick tip for marketing in a recession

How about cutting back on your advertising budgets and directing some of those money to things that provide a higher return on your investment?   Studies have shown that search engine optimization has the highest ROI of any marketing effort.  SO why not take advantage of your website and begin leveraging the most-powerful marketing vehicle in the history of business.

Search engine optimization is the perfect investment when marketing in a recession because most forms of advertising cause you to push your message on the customer.  That push is what causes consumers to reject most advertising.  It’s hitting them at a time when they have more important things to worry about like when to pick little Jimmy up from soccer practice.  But what if you could market to people at the exact time when they are looking for your products or services?  You just reversed the tables and you’re now pulling, rather than pushing.  You just overcame about 95% of the battle of marketing.  Now you don’t have to cut through the clutter and interrupt their thinking.  You just have to guide them gently to what they want.  Coax them.

But if you have a site and it’s not found on Google when someone searches for the products or services that you sell, some other company is going to land their business.  That’s where search engine optimization comes in.  Be found at the top of Google, and you’re likely to have more business than you can handle.

Stay tuned to learn more about search engine optimization or click to discover more right now.

Chadd Bryant

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