I was asked to speak in front of the Home Builders’ Association a few weeks ago.  The topic was about marketing in a recession.  There were two other speakers on the panel and both of them provided great insight.

The interactive presentation was driven primarily by audience questions and the one question that just kept coming up again and again was, “How can I market my business on a limited budget?”

What should you do if your marketing budget is tight this year?  It sounds counter-intuitive but you should consider investing more in marketing this year.  You market your business to get more sales, right?  So would it make sense to spend more on marketing when you have lots of sales or when you need them the most?  Obvious right?  When sales are slow you need to step up your marketing.

But what are some ways to get the phone ringing right now, for a low investment?

How about pay-per-call advertising?  Never heard of pay-per-call?  It’s similar to pay-per-click advertising, like on Google, but this is slightly different.  You don’t even need to have a website for pay-per-call advertising to work for your company.  You’ll be given an 800 number that people call to reach your company.  Your ad, displaying the 800 number will be shown on some of the web’s largest sites, like yellowpages.com.  Thousands of people can see your ad and you’ll never pay a dime, unless someone decides to pick up the phone and call you.  Minimum bids start at $2 per phone call so you can actually get your phone ringing within minutes for less than $5.  Sound good, give us a call and we can get you hooked up with an account and get the calls coming in.  970-674-0079.  I sincerely want to see your business thrive so don’t forget about the importance of marketing in a recession.

Chadd Bryant

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