Are you losing sales because of the color of your website?

We’re constantly thinking about color psychology and the emotions that are associated with each color. In case this is new to you, from a young age we see colors used consistently and over time, we start to subliminally associate emotions with each color. Take green for instance. After seeing green used a million times for outdoor, natural-feeling products, we start to expect that green logos have something to do with nature.

Or blue…it’s most often associated with trustworthy brands, or at least brands that are trying to build trust. Look at hospitals, banks, insurance companies and stock brokers.   They most often choose blue for their brand image. They know that their customers need to trust them with their money or their health, so they intentionally use blue. Blue can also evoke feelings of serenity, mental clarity and persistence.

Orange is another one. Think back. When you were a kid, do you remember seeing little orange flags flying around used car dealers? Or how about orange garage sale signs? With time, your mind began to associate orange things with low cost, or fairly priced products. Why do you think Home Depot chose orange for their logo? After all, their slogan is, “More saving. More doing.” They’re clearly trying to associate their brand with saving money. Or what about Big Lots? Their orange logo just screams low cost, doesn’t it?

I was presenting a new website design to a client today and pointed out that we intentionally chose to color the headline in orange, since the headline read, “Three easy steps to calculate your price.” When the headline is written in orange, the reader subconsciously thinks that the price that they’re calculating must be a fair price.

How are you using color in your marketing materials? Are you using color intentionally? Or, perhaps you’re communicating the wrong message with your usage of color. We’d be happy to talk with you about it. Hope that helps. If you’d like more information about using color psychology in your website, use the contact form below to request more information.

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