I’m always on the lookout for free online resources available to small businesses. LinkedIn, the business social networking site, has recently launched a micro site called LinkedIn Small Business. The site provides tips for companies on how to get the most out of their LinkedIn profiles.

When you think of LinkedIn you probably think of a social networking site that individuals use to post their resumes and network with other individuals. LinkedIn Small Business shows you how you can create a company profile that will help you market your business as well as network with potential customers and find the right candidates to fill open positions at your company.

The site offers information on sales, marketing, branding and hiring. There are tips on how to build a page for your company, as well as how to customize your page to reach your target market and highlight what sets your company apart. So, the page for a website design company would look and feel very different than the page for a retail store. There are also tips on how to best network with key decision makers and tips on how to create an effective job posting. The site also includes helpful examples and cases studies. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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