Well, Saturday morning came and went and the world didn’t come to an end.  People all over the state of Colorado opened their front doors in the robe and slippers only to see that the paper indeed hadn’t arrived.  However, somehow, we managed to survive.  But did you notice that there was a refreshing breeze blowing through the air?  It was almost as if a there was a glow of positivity in the air.  In the absence of the depressing doom and gloom perpetrated by The News, people all over had a sparkle in their eye and a hop in their step.  While the market opened down this morning, the Rocky wasn’t around to drag people down.  Actually, the headlines today read that spending last month was up.  Average savings were up.  And without the Rocky around, that wasn’t over-shadowed by something horrible.  I guess we’ll all survive without you.  I’m sorry but you won’t be missed.

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