No matter what kind of company you own, when running a website, having key words and being clear on what you mean is very important.  As you deal with a customer’s time and money, it is best to communicate with them using language of fact.  If a customer asks, “When will you get my  project done?” The proper answer would be, “This Friday at 4 pm.”  Your response should not be, “Sometime by Friday.”  At Red Rocket Web Design, we know how vital it is to steer clear of language of affection when it comes to our customer’s money.  Consider the difference it could make to give the facts when giving your customer a price for your service. A customer may ask, “How much does it cost to fix my AC?”  Language of affection would say something like, “Maybe 400 dollars or so.”  Language of fact would state clearly, “Exactly 400 dollars with parts and labor.”  So when dealing with websites, ask yourself if the company is dealing with language of fact or language of affection. It will make a big difference in whether or not you get what you want and need.



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