Keywords that are used for search engine visibility are often picked at random, which can lead to ineffective search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Fundamental Keyword Examination, a method developed by Red Rocket Web Specialists, is crucial to the success of SEO efforts. This method is used to research the keywords that people use to search for products and/or services. Determination of the best keywords for a website are based on their relevance of the product or service, as well as the popularity of those search queries. This method uses the following criteria (Popularity, Specificity, Motivation, and Competition) to evaluate keywords.

Popularity of keyword phrases

Some keywords are more common – and are thereby used more frequently by people using search engines. So, certain keywords will be more effective than others at driving traffic to your site. For example, you may find that while 1,000 people searched for “house cats” last month, it may be that ten times as many people searched for “cat.” If your website is optimized for “cat” versus “house cats,” you’ll increase the odds that more people will find your site each month, because more people are searching for “cat.”

Specificity of keyword phrases

Long-tail phrases such as “allergy friendly house cats” are much more specific than short phrases like the word “cat.” Correctly and efficiently optimizing your site for the word “cat” will gain you more traffic, but may not be as relevant to the user. Knowing exactly what potential customers and clients are looking for helps your optimization efforts provide results. By knowing how to use specific search phrases, you can reach your target markets much more effectively.

Motivation behind search queries / Reason(s) for keyword choice

Understanding the “why” of keyword choices is crucial to the success of a website’s ranking in search engines. Taking a stab-in-the-dark approach to optimizing a web page will ensure that the page’s presence in search results will diminish, if there was ever a presence at all. There’s always a reason why someone would choose a particular phrase to find what they’re looking for. It’s important to figure out if someone is searching for the Broadway play “Cats” versus a search for fuzzy companions. Extensive research to understand the motivation behind a search query can give you an insight as to how your customers can be targeted.

Competition of keywords

Your competitors are not only competing for potential customers, but for rankings of keyword phrases as well. Knowing how competitive a keyword is in searches will help you understand what your competitors are doing right, and how you can improve your efforts. If your competitors are ranked well for a single word phrase like “cat,” their optimization efforts have been effective. Competition increases, however, if a large number of sites are “competing” for the same phrase(s).

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