Internet Marketing in Denver is pretty competitive because more and more companies are discovering the benefits and the playing field is growing more crowded.  So is it too late to jump on the Internet Marketing bandwagon and begin marketing your Denver area business on the Internet?

It’s never too late.  Sure businesses in Denver are pretty tech savvy and many of them are already using blogging, SEO, Google Adwords and other Internet marketing tactics, but since everything is always changing, if you jump on board today, you’ll be able to ride the wave as new tactics surface.

Plus here’s one great reason why you shouldn’t worry if you’re getting into the game too late.  96% of all web pages have never even been found by Google.  Considering that Google has indexed and cataloged the information on tens of millions of web pages, that’s pretty amazing.  While you may think it’s 2009 and you’ve missed the boat in terms of Internet marketing for your Denver business, the previous stat makes it clear that you have a tremendous advantage over your competition if you develop an Internet Marketing campaign that assures that Google indexes your site.

So how do you do that?  If you want your site to be found when someone searches for words related to your business then you have to develop a site that’s search engine friendly.  You have to know what Google likes and doesn’t like.  As part of Red Rocket’s rigorous Internet Marketing program, we follow our 106-point SEO checklist to assure that all of the sites we develop are search engine friendly.  If Google likes the way you’ve designed and written the content on your site, they’ll reward you and rank your site higher.  Ignore any of the 106 points and your site could be in jeopardy of not being found.

But Internet Marketing is much greater than just SEO.  It also includes things like Google Adwords, blog posting, link building and more.  We’ll hit on those topics over the next few days.  If you’re thinking that Internet Marketing may be right for your Denver business, please give as a call and we can discuss how we might be able to increase your site’s traffic.  Call 970-674-0079.

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