Last week I was talking about how to measure your conversion rates and I promised to give you some great ideas for actually increasing your conversion rates in your website design this week.  It turns out that there are a ton of little things you can do so I’ve decided to explore the topic for the next few months.  So let’s get right into it.

Improve your Titles and Descriptions

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to multiply your sales.  You may not know that your website’s titles and descriptions are the two lines that are pulled straight into Google’s search results.


The big blue headline that says “World’s Top 25 Healthiest Foods –” is the title of this page and the black text saying, “These healthy foods…” is the description.

You have the ability to basically write your website’s own advertisement so don’t just leave the title and description fields blank when you create a new page on your site.  Take the time needed to write a title that reads like a short headline that’s intended to grab your reader’s attention.  In the example above, could have written something boring like, “Healthy Foods –” but they chose to pique interest by making a top 25 list.  Everyone loves to read Top 10 lists.  Consider things like “7 Ways to …” or “The 3 Fatal Mistakes…” so people are more inclined to click on your website’s listing on Google.

If you’re able to write an enticing headline, you just might get more clicks than the guy in the spot above you on Google, just because your headline grabs their eye.



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