This morning – on my daily commute – I approached a one of those large, digital signs on the side of the road warning me about road construction. It flashed ‘Single Lane Ahead’ briefly, then ‘Expect Delays’.

In an effort to avoid the construction and delays, I took my first left turn. And drove right into the construction.

Now – that’s not at all what I was expecting. Normally, we don’t see signs warning us of construction on adjacent roads. It’s really not all that different for websites if you think about it. If I were to build a button that said ‘Send’ but the button simply linked to another page with a long list of questions I was required to answer  – users would be extremely annoyed.

Now, the next time I approach road signs of that nature – I’m going to hesitate before committing to turning left, or right. And because I’m now obsessed with the potentially wrong outcome (I’ve been burned before) – I’m not all that receptive to any new information that may be in front of me. Such as the person attempting to cross the street, or school bus that’s stopped at the railroad track.

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