Last week we talked about HR documents and procedures that should be reviewed and updated before the end of the year.  Here are a few more:


  1. Update job descriptions – Current job descriptions should be reviewed to see if they still reflect the true responsibilities of the position. If not, they should be updated.  This will help when conducting performance reviews and hiring new employees.


  1. Update personnel files – Personnel files should be sorted so that medical and confidential, payroll, training, and employment information are all kept in a separate location within the personnel file.  The end of the year is a good time to audit the files and make sure that all new paperwork has been filed correctly.


  1. W-4 Forms – This is a good time of year to provide employees copies of their current W-4 forms so they have a chance to review them.  Then give them an opportunity to update the forms if they have a new address or would like to change their tax withholding amounts for next year.


  1. Prepare W-2 forms – Payroll W-2 forms must be supplied to each employee by January 31st of next year.  They can be prepared as soon as the final payroll of 2013 has been processed.


  1. Review the 2014 holiday schedule – Determine the holiday schedule for 2014 and distribute to employees so they can schedule their vacations accordingly.  If you offer floating holidays, remind employees to use them before the end of 2013, so they aren’t lost.


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