It just can’t be stated enough…You have to continue to market your business in these rough economic times.  I see more and more businesses who are trying to conserve money so they are cutting their marketing budgets.  Unfortunately, they just might be tightening the noose around their own necks.  You see, marketing is every businesses’ life line.  It’s like food or water or air.  You just can’t do without it.  Cutting back on your marketing budget is when things slow down is like cutting back on your air after you’ve just run a marathon.  You need more air when you’re gasping.  And you need more marketing when sales slow down.

Studies have shown that during economic slow-downs, the companies that maintained or even increased their marketing efforts, were the ones that increased market share, improved sales and emerged as market leaders when the storms cleared.  It just makes sense.  When the natural instinct is to seek shelter and try to avoid the storm, the majority of your competition will be cutting back.  You can pounce if you choose to move forward aggressively.  Be on offense, rather than defense and they’ll never know what hit them when they come out of their long winter’s hibernation.

Chadd Bryant

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