We know that the process of hiring a company to create your new website can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a techno-geek.

So what should you be on the lookout for when you’re interviewing other firms and reading through their proposals?


Vague proposals lead to poor communication and unsatisfied expectations.

Does their proposal spell out exactly what you’ll be getting?  If it just outlines how many pages you’re getting and how much it’s going to cost, then you’re likely getting just that.  Don’t expect that you’re getting the details that need to be in there in order for it to be successful.

Did they say anything about testing?  No.  Did they say anything about keyword mapping?  No.  Did they say anything about CSS?  Did they say anything about code to text ratios?  No.  Then don’t expect that they’ll be paying attention to any of those things when they develop the site.  And don’t expect the results that come from including those things.

For a comprehensive list of questions to ask before you hire a web development company, see our earlier blog post or check out the  3 Rules for Hiring a Competent Web Development Firm provided by the consumer advocacy group, the Internet Building Code Council.

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