Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday…

We were talking about how to get qualified customers to your site, and then about how you can create a site that converts visitors into customers.  The most important thing to remember when building a site that converts, is that your first attempt is never good enough.  You have to be willing to test your site, modify it and test it again.  If you just build it and forget it, chances are that your site is missing out on a huge portion of the sales that it could be generating.

So to answer the question about how to build a site that converts, it’s all about testing.  I could list a million little things that you should be doing in order to increase sales, but what’s right for one site, isn’t always right for another.  It’s not until you’ve tested your site, will you know what really works and what doesn’t.

We’ll get into some basic suggestions in the coming weeks about what can help your site to convert more, but for now, let’s just talk about testings.

What can you test?

Everything.  But remember to only change one thing at a time.  Otherwise, you’ll never know which thing was responsible for the increase or decrease in conversions.  So change a headline.  Wait until a couple hundred people have visited the site and determine if more people were converted.  Now conversions can come in many different forms.  A conversion is not just a sale.  It can be a newsletter sign-up.  It can be a phone call.  What ever your goal, you can measure it and see if you’re getting better results when you make a tweak.  Notice I said tweak.  Don’t change the color of the page, the location of the purchase now button and the headline.   That’s a major change.  A tweak would be a small adjustment to the wording of the headline.  Try changing one word.  Wait.  Monitor.  Measure.  Tweak and repeat.

I’ve seen sites go from  selling less than $100/month to selling more than $15,000/month by just tweaking a couple things here and there.  Do the same for your site and see if you can’t improve your conversions rates.  Think about this…If you can change your conversion rates from 1% to 2% you actually doubled your sales.  Not to shabby.

Hope that helps…

Chadd Bryant

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