Finding a new employee is a big task.  And, the work doesn’t stop after you’ve chosen the right candidate.  There is a lot to be done when adding a new member to your team, from adding them to payroll to training them in your processes.  Taking the time to put a hiring procedure in place will pay dividends, especially as your company grows and you begin to hire more people. The first thing you should do is prepare all of your paperwork including forms W-4 and I-9.  Make sure you are using all the proper versions of each form and that you are filling out each form correctly. If you are unsure, this is where working with an HR consultant will be well worth it. Next, consider all of the items that should be done prior to their first day, like setting up a workspace with a computer and phone extension, for example. Putting together a checklist will help make sure all of these items are completed.  Then consider all of the basic items that a new hire must be trained on, from how to use the copier to how to set up their voice mail, as well as training them in their specific job duties. Putting together onboarding materials will make the training process much simpler and less time consuming.  With any new hire, the goal is to get them up to speed as quickly as possible so they can start contributing to the success of your business. Having a hiring procedure intact is one way you can already be headed toward that goal.

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