I was speaking on a panel last Friday, in front of the Home Builders’ Association in Northern Colorado.  When I asked the audience if any of them had written a press release within the past month, no one raised their hand.   Then I asked how many had written a press release within the past year.  One hand went up.

During the same time, countless marketing dollars have been wasted on shotgun advertising yielding limited lack-luster results.  It’s so simple to get press coverage yet virtually none of the business owners I was speaking to had taken advantage of it.  Do you realized that every time you do something for charity, you have a perfect opportunity to let the press know and potentially get some free advertising?  Not only are you getting free coverage, readers tend to ignore the advertisements while actively engaging in the stories in the paper.  Doesn’t it just make sense to opt to get free press rather than paying for advertising?

And think about this…

If you were going to spend money on advertising, why not put that money toward a charitable event that will likely get you more bang for your marketing buck while benefitting the needy?

After I explained that to the audience last week, I asked, “How many of you have done something for charity in the past year?”  Every hand went up!  Then why aren’t you sending press releases?  Get to it.