Taking time to promote good health in the workplace will pay dividends in the form of lower health premiums and fewer sick days. One way to reinforce the idea of health and wellness is to sponsor a fitness challenge. It will educate employees about the benefits of healthy living through fun competition.

One popular and simple challenge revolves around trying to achieve 10,000 steps a day. That is the minimum numbers of steps you should take each day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This type of challenge is easy to organize.  First, decide on the length of the challenge and the goal.  Your goal may be to see how many steps participants can get collectively. Or, you may want to create a competition where the person with the most overall steps wins a prize. How you structure the challenge will probably depend on your company culture. Regardless, make sure you educate employees on the benefits of walking throughout the challenge. After you’ve outlined the length and goals, find out who would like to participate. Then purchase pedometers (these are relatively inexpensive tools that track the number of steps you take each day).  Last, provide pedometers to all participants and make sure everyone knows how to use them.  Then start walking!

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