I heard that there’s a group of people in Times Square in New York that are asking people to write down all of the bad things that happened to them in 2009 and then shred them in a paper shredder.  Sure, 2009 was tough for a lot of people.  Few were untouched by the changes in the economy.  Whether it was your 401(k) or you lost your job or you’ve seen a cut in your salary, most people have had to change their lives in some way.

It’s definitely been a year to remember, but I’m looking forward to 2010.  The new year is like a blank slate waiting for us to fill it in.  The opportunities are huge.  This may be your best year yet if you’re proactive.  With so many businesses being forced to close their doors, the competition is less.  With layoffs, most businesses are running leaner than ever.  It’s in times like these that businesses are most efficient.  With the impact of the Internet, the time is perfect to take advantage of a larger global markets.  So increase you website traffic, improve your conversion rates and jump on the opportunity to crank out the profits next year.

Happy New Year from all of us at Red Rocket.

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