Obviously in Greeley, SEO Experts are tough to come by.  Perhaps the biggest reason is that most of the so-called SEO experts are here today and gone tomorrow.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to call yourself an expert and many have hopped online and designed a quick business card and opened their doors for business.  Since opening our doors in the late 1990s, we’ve seen dozens of SEO companies come and go.  They tend to last about 18 months.  For most new businesses, the number one problem is sales.  If you have a great product or service, within a few months, typically, customers tell other people about the new business and sales begin to ramp up.  However, when SEO novices go into business, they struggle to impress the few clients that they are able to land, so they don’t gain any momentum.  Their clients’ websites don’t rank at the top of Google’s search results so they develop a bad reputation and in a small city like Greeley, word travels fast.

In addition, it doesn’t take long to figure out if an SEO company can get your site ranked on Google.  Just do a Google search for yourself and see who comes up in the rankings.  You’ll see large national names, like Dex or Yelp and you’ll see a few of the local companies that have been around for years.  Those are the ones that not only stand the test of time, because they’ve stayed in business through the tough times, they’re the ones who know how to get their own websites ranked well on Google.

Knowing that pickins are slim in Greeley for SEO Experts, what are you to do?  Well, we’d love to help.  If you think it might make sense, give us a call and we’ll review your site to see what it will take to begin moving it up in the search results.  Our number is 970-674-0079.