The need for SEO in Greeley seems to be growing by leaps and bounds this year.  Now, “Greeley SEO Company” has become a popular Google search phrase. If we back up even a couple years, most businesses in Greeley were often still looking to market their businesses using traditional marketing methods like newspaper advertising and the yellow pages.  However, over the past year, it’s like every business owner in Greeley got the same memo that said, “Abandon your phone book ads in favor of SEO.”

I’ve never seen anything like it.  As a web development company that specializes in SEO, frankly, we’ve had limited success over the past 15 years working with businesses in Greeley because of their love for traditional advertising but something happened this year.  The faucet turned on and now, more than ever, we’re working on SEO in Greeley rather than SEO in Fort Collins as in years past.  In fact, this year, we’re on track to do more SEO in Greeley than in all of the other Northern Colorado cities combined.  The question is “Why?”  Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer but I suspect that it’s due to the declining effectiveness of those other forms of advertising.  People have simply quit reading the newspaper and have all but stopped turning to the phone book.  When was the last time you pulled out a phone book?  Do you even keep it when one lands on your doorstep?  How about Google?  When was the last time you Googled something?  Today?  Most people turn to Google at least once a day so business owners as just following common sense when they recognize that they have stopping relying on traditional media and have started turning to the Internet.  Where are you in terms of your marketing spending?  Here’s a chart showing a breakdown of how businesses are planning to use their budgets in the coming year.  Notice how content marketing is gaining in popularity.  Content marketing encompasses everything from blogging to writing social media content but it’s apparent that it’s the next big wave.


To read the full article on Marketing Sherpa that discusses the trends seen in the chart, click here.

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