Yesterday we were talking about whether or not your website looks professional.  Today, let’s talk about what it says.

Time to step up the difficulty and grade yourself on what you website says.

The first test for this subject is pass (10) or fail (0)… Does the web design for your Fort Collins business website incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? If you have no idea what this is, more likely than not you don’t, so just go accept the 0 on this one.

The second test is on a scale of 1 to 10, what is your text to code ratio like? Typically, search engines will rank you higher if you have more text than code for your website pages. If you have way more text than code, you can give yourself a 10, if not, adjust accordingly.

The third test is how well does your content fit your website/webpage? Is it entertaining, can it be understood by your target market? So from 1 to 10, how do you rank?

Next you will take the three numbers, add them together and divide them by 3. How’d you do? Is your Fort Collins website design on its way to being a 4.0 student?

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