Every time I hear about a new Google service, I think to myself that they just can’t get any better.  Then the next time, their creative team does something even better.

Last time, I think it was the Google maps that amazed me.  Have you seen the photos of places on the map?  It’s mind-boggling.  They had people drive just about every street in the country, with a camera on top of their car, taking pictures of every address.  It was surprising to see it the first time, but then I came back a couple weeks later and the whole thing was like a movie, allowing you to actually drive down the street.

So, today, I heard about two more amazing releases.  My programmer, Aaron brought these to my attention. Now they’re offering a testing application that will allow you to test multiple variables within your website to determine the most successful combination of elements.   Which elements will produce the best conversion rates?  Just check out the app and find out for yourself.  After all, testing, measuring and improving your site is the best way to see a positive ROI on your website investment.

The other Google innovation that they just released is a new browser interface called SearchWiki.  It’s a search that allows you to customize your results.  If you like some sites more than others, you can click on the button next to the preferred listing and move it to the top of the search results.  Next time you do the same search, the app will remember your settings and will automatically place your preferred choices at the top.

You also have the ability to delete certain listings and even make comments on sites.  Your comments are visible to you next time you see that site but you can also show all of the comments from other Google users and see their comments.  Want to go back to the original view, just choose to view original.  Try it out, you’ll love it!

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