Think back to your days in school, in English class, when your grade depended on excellent grammar, proper use of punctuation, and the use of content that wasn’t just “fluffy” – that is, it actually contained some sort of value for the audience. Google recently made some drastic changes in the way they index web pages, and they’re essentially treating your website the way that your English teacher would have graded your papers. You may have heard about it; it’s called the Panda Update.

Quality content, not just words on the page for the sake of having words on the page, is crucial to the way your website is ranked. What a lot of web marketing firms forget is that search engine optimization isn’t just about including the keywords on the page for which you want to rank. SEO isn’t about fancy tricks, it’s about readable, relevant content. Sure, there are a ton of methods of ranking your pages, but there’s only one tried-and-true method that will stand the test of time: writing content that matters.

So the next time you start blogging, skip the blog posts about your “really cool Facebook page,” and stop giving your traffic away. Keep your readers on your site by giving them something they want to read!

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