Unlike run-of-the-mill design companies, we know marketing is much more than just sales and advertising. It starts with the very first interaction with your customer — when you answer your telephone or greet your customer at the door. The first impression, the second impression, and every impression thereafter is just as important as closing the deal. Marketing is everything you do to get customers and maintain a relationship with them.

At Red Rocket, you get bright ideas, not just beautiful ideas. Whereas beautiful ideas get you attention, bright ideas generate sales. They bring you more customers, sell more products and fill your pockets with cash. To do this, we evaluate every aspect of your business from how it’s perceived to how it functions. We then develop a full-on marketing plan, chock full of bright ideas for how to position your company, generate interest in your products or services, win your customers’ trust and loyalty, and ultimately, their business.

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So What Do We Do?

The marketing results Red Rocket Web Specialists has achieved for our clients speak for themselves: strong professional image, well-recognized brands, higher visibility and increased profits. We’re a website development and Internet marketing company in Northern Colorado that has led hundreds of businesses, like yours, away from stuck-in-the-mud attempts at sales, to full-blown, successful marketing campaigns. […]