You know when you have a secret and you can say, “I’d tell ya, but I’d have to kill ya.” For the longest time this was one of those secrets for me and now I’ve decided to share it with the rest of the world.

Actually, I’m really sharing this because my friends who are or will be take COM448 often ask me what tools I used to get me through this Public Relations Course.

I’m about to spill the beans on the writing tool that helped me format all of my press releases while I was taking that class… It’s guaranteed to help you get an A or write a press release in the proper format that will get noticed by the media.

Intrigued by my little secret yet? I hope so.

(To all of my friends at UMKC: I know you are freaking out right now because you would just like me to get to the point already!?!)

Okay so here’s my secret, and no I’m not going to kill you because I’m telling you my secret…

I kid you not, this thing is AMAZING and it’s FREE!!! I was a poor college student, there’s no way I could actually afford to pay for something like this…

But, say you can, there is a way to give back for using this amazing software! You can donate money to the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities. So one, you can benefit from writing perfectly formatted press releases and two, you can help the greater good also – which I definitely think the business world should do more of!

This is my one moral plea for the day… I know the business world is about making money, but it doesn’t hurt to try to help out every now and again. I encourage you to donate towards this cause or any other worthy cause for that matter.

This link will help you write press releases – it is such a life saver!

Say you don’t have time to write your own press releases (this no longer applies to my friends back at UMKC – sorry guys!)… I highly recommend that you have a PR person for you company to advise you on press release writing or that you hire a marketing company to write your press releases for you.

Press releases are a great form of FREE marketing. And hey, who doesn’t love FREE anything!?!

If you can write a press release that gets published, your company gets its name out there and in the minds of potential consumers. The more potential consumers see your name, even if it’s in a context that’s not entirely related to what you do, the more likely they will be to do business with you because you are now a part of their evoked set. An evoked set is the top three companies you think of when you mention a product or service. An example would be: running shoes… my evoked set would be: Asics, Adidas, and Nike.

Getting your company’s name out there through published press releases is a great way to become part of the consumer’s evoked set.

You are more likely to get your press released published if your article has to deal with something that really effects society. The most positive types of press releases usually deal with COMMUNITY SERVICE!!!

Okay business people, I hope you are hearing me on this one… Community Service is a GREAT thing for you to do for/with your company. The reason I like it is because you are helping the greater good and actually making a positive difference in someone’s life. BUT if you need another reason to get involved, it does give you the opportunity to market your company and create opportunities for press releases, etc.

Okay before I go off in too many directions, I’m just going to wrap this one up…
1) Take advantage of press releases

2) If you need a formatting source to help you, my link from above works wonders

3) Consult with PR directors or marketing companies about writing press releases


5) Write a press release about the community service you did

6) See your company’s name get out there

7) Strive to be a part of the consumer’s evoked set.

And all of this can be achieved by writing Press Releases…. AMAZING!!!

from the Writer’s Corner Office Desk

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