Fort Collins Web Design Company, Red Rocket Media Group brings you another great tool this week.  If you’ve ever wanted to know how much traffic your competitors are getting to their sites, can tell you.  Alexa offers a ranking showing how much traffic any given site gets relative to all other sites on the web.  For instance, if a site has an Alexa ranking of #1 it’s the most popular site on the web.  Of course, Google holds that position.  So if a site has a ranking of 40,000,000 that’s a pretty low ranking and means that the site is the 40 millionth most popular site in the world.  Research has shown that sites that aren’t in the top 1 million most popular sites, sit there with very little traffic.  It’s always Red Rocket’s goal to design sites that rank in the top million sites.

So go check your own site’s ranking.  If you find that it has a terrible ranking, maybe it’s time to fire your web design company.

Hope that helps.

Chadd Bryant

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