When things slow down, and sales dry up, it’s only natural to grasp at anything that will bring in some money.   It seems like everyone these days has attention deficit disorder and is compelled to follow “shiny things.” Ultimately, the things that grab our attention tend to look like big opportunities at the time.  But the problem is, the companies that follow the urge can ruin their reputation in a short period of time by trying to do something that they aren’t good at.

Sometimes it’s the things that feel unnatural, that are the right things to do, at times like these.  Contrarian approaches are often the ones that are proven to pay off.  But doing what you’re good at, shouldn’t feel unnatural.  It’s just the urge to avoid the “shiny things” that may feel unnatural.  Avoid the urge.  Focus on your core competencies and ride this thing out.  If you do, you’ll be the one left standing while all of the other people with ADD wind up going out of business.  Here’s to your improving sales.

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