We’ve all heard somebody say, “If I had a nickel for every time [insert fun fact or frustration here], I’d be a millionaire.” Consider this: if Google had a nickel for every time Americans searched the Internet using its search engine, it would have made $456 million dollars–in June 2009 alone!

According to comScore, a digital measuring company, 9,135,000,000 searches were performed in America in June 2009 using Google. That accounts for 65% of of the 14 billion total searches made using all search engines. The rank of the top five search engine shares looked like this:

1. Google Sites65.0%
2. Yahoo! Sites19.6%
3. Microsoft Sites (now Bing)8.4%
4. Ask Network3.9%
5. AOL LLC3.1%

So, two things to consider:

  1. With 14 billion searches each month, what can you do to get your company on the first page of search results where your customers are looking?
  2. Let’s all be glad that searching is free, not a nickel per.

If you’d like help getting on the first page of search results, give our SEO experts a call. We’d love to get you a nickel for every good idea you have.

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