When running an SEO business in Fort Collins or any other company in Northern Colorado, to be successful, there must be employee involvement in the manufacturing process.  Using TQM, or Black Belt processes are great tools but will not work if there is no employee participation. Top management must stay involved. These types of programs will fail if top management doesn’t support the program or its employees.

EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT: Widespread employee participation in local decision-making is central to the logic of TQM. Employees must be empowered to be flexible and make decisions if customers are to be satisfied. They must be able to take action to prevent and solve problems, and be committed to the organization. If decisions are made by a few people at the top, not only are employees’ insights and experience lost and problems allowed to fester, but employee commitment is undermined as well. Further TQM-mandated measurement is impossible with traditional, top-down decision making. Shop- and office-floor employees should, as far as possible, perform the measurement and solve the problems themselves.

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