Though many people understand the importance of blogging, I often wonder if they understand the key points of making a great blog post. Here are some pointers for keeping your readers interested:

1. Avoid using jargon that your readers don’t understand. If your blog post is about search engine optimization, and you mention big, scary terms that no one’s ever heard like Canonicalization, make sure you explain what Canonicalization actually is.

2. Keep your posts conversational. Blogging is a great way to stay connected with others. If your readers wanted to just get information about a certain topic, or just read “news” they wouldn’t be reading your blogs. There is an interpersonal component to blog posts. They have social value and should be written as such. For example, when you read the newspaper, you aren’t getting any kind of social value out of it. You’re reading it to see what has been happening in general locations about general topics. Blogging offers a personalized way of receiving updates. Readers seek out topics that are specific to their needs, so cater to them. If you have the information, and you provide it to your readers conversationally, you’re likely to hold their attention a lot longer.

3. Blog regularly. Keep new material flowing constantly. Another way of keeping your readers interested is providing new topics on a regular basis. Many successful bloggers post daily. Along with posting regularly, it is important that you know what you’re talking about. Successful bloggers have readers because they are a trusted source of the information, and they get the content out regularly. Keeping the flow of good information going will guarantee that you will have readers too.

These three bullet points aren’t the only keys to success in blogging, but will surely get you on the right track.

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