When someone hears “website usability,” they immediately think about the end user. Sure, the person that is using the website say, to buy something, or to read a blog you are right now, they need to be able to use the site with ease. But maybe just as important as someone that will use the front end of the site is also the people maintaining that website. How easy is it for you to use your website? For example, when we blog, we have people blogging that aren’t web developers – they don’t know HTML code – so it’s important that they be able to use the site from that perspective as well.

One frustration I hear from a lot of our new customers is “I can’t edit my website; I hate it!” This is unfortunate because being able to edit your website helps you with Google rankings (blogging) and making sales (i.e. making it easy for people to checkout in your shopping cart), among a million other things!

This begs the question: is your website easy to edit? Can you easily add new products to your shopping cart or update all of your readers on the new big thing that’s happening in your company?

If you’d like to talk about the usability of your website, give us a call!

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