Most people have a knee-jerk reaction when asked about the easiest way to increase online sales.  “Get more traffic,” they say.  While that seems like the most obvious answer, it’s definitely not the easiest way to generate more sales.  After all, getting more visitors doesn’t exactly fall under the category of “easy.”  So then, what is the easiest thing to do?  Believe it or not, it’s likely that your site is already getting enough visitors to provide you with decent revenue if you were just able to convert more of them into paying customers.  Think about it, if you’re getting even 50 people a day to visit your site, wouldn’t that make a significant difference in your revenue if a large percentage of those folks turned into customers?   I suppose it has a lot to do with what you’re selling.  It’s different if we’re talking about a guy who sells yoyos versus a guy who sells pianos.  Fifty piano sales a day would set records for most piano stores.

So, why do I say that  getting more of your existing website visitors to buy from you is easier than getting more visitors to your site?  Think about it.  If 1% of your visitors are buying from you, that’s pretty typical.  So, if you get 100 people to your site, you can expect 1 sale.  Which sounds easier, convincing an additional 100 people to visit your site, or convincing one additional person from your batch of 100 people to buy from you?  Obviously convincing just one more person to buy would be easier that convincing 100 people to visit your site.  Both scenarios will double your revenue next year.  So, get to work making your site more attractive, rework your content to make it more compelling and streamline your sales funnels.  It’s not inconceivable to think that next year at this time, you could be in a dramatically different financial position.

Hope that helps.

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