If you watch the news, you’re bound to be frightened.  After all, the media thrives on bad news.  Who watches the news to find out what good things happened that day?  And the media has been known to embellish a litttle don’t you think?

So, if you’re a business owner and you hear about the doom and gloom of the Christmas holiday shopping season, you must be running scared.  I have spoken to a lot of retailers who are expecting the worst.  Even that email that was circulating a couple weeks ago was encouraging people to brace for the worst and avoid buying gift cards because the nation’s largest retailers are planning to go out of business just after Christmas.  That turned out to be a hoax.  Fortunately, things like that email are usually exposed as scams within a couple days.  Too bad all of the doom and gloom stories on the news are not.  They seem to predict the future by so-called experts who just last summer were predicting we were coming to the end of the slow-down.  It should be clear by now, that even the experts can’t predict the future, so just turn off the tv and avoid the fear-mongering.

If you’ve already fallen prey to the media’s plague, it’s not too late.  Recognizing that you’re under their spell is the first step to recovery.  Now you’re free to turn things around and take control of your life and your business.  Just because the “experts” (who have been proven wrong time and time again) claim that main street is going to feel the recession the most, that doesn’t mean that your business will.  Especially if you embrace marketing in a recession.  By choosing to increase your marketing in a recession you’ll be the one who increases market share and comes out on top.

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Chadd Bryant

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