There are several ways to make websites great for users. One of the most important factors is to make sure that your readers understand your content. One simple rule is to keep your content free from jargon. In short, don’t try to confuse your readers by trying to sound intelligent. Your readers need to be able to take something from your content – that’s why you’re writing for them. Having great website design and SEO means nothing if your readers can’t make anything out of the content you’ve written.

We can’t stress enough that the point of websites comes down to one concept: conversions. If everyone goes to your website, but doesn’t find any information useful to them, they’ll immediately leave your site, never to return. Keep your readers interested with compelling content. Give people a reason to come to your site and stay there.

Once  you’ve taken all of the jargon out of your site, take a few minutes to check out this great tool that we love to use: Go ahead and try it for yourself. Just type in your website’s URL, and click the Visualize button. Voila! You can now see what words your website uses the most by simply looking at the size of the text this tool returns to you in the tag cloud format. This is a great way to see what your readers will remember about your message. While you’re at it, check out our video.

Simple steps to writing great content:

  1. Make it about what your readers want to read
  2. Keep it conversational and simple to understand
  3. Run it through to see if your message is getting across to your readers.

And for those of you with a great sense of humor, check out It’s a humorous approach to taking all the jargon out of your content!

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