How can you make your website stand out from another in your industry?  Bright colors and big images?  Maybe adding more content so the user will have more to read?  Let’s simplify things a bit and take a look at some ways to make your website a little bit different and gain attention for the right reasons.

Add Dimension to Your Website
Sometimes when a website is one-dimensional it can look flat and simple.  To add dimension to your website look at adding layers or objects on top of one another to create a more visually appealing design.  Placing photographs on top of one another or at an angle can break the single dimension and it will be more likely for the viewer to  read additional content.

Place Objects Over the Blocks of Color

Between content sections you may have blocks of color or sections of white space which often can be predictable.  To lead your eye from one section to another place an object or image over the two sections creating flow and again creating dimension.

Use Background Colors and Patterns

Another way of looking outside the box in website design is using pattern behind your content to create another level of interest.  This breaks the design out of the normal look and a new focus.  You can also wrap object around each other which may also create another dimension of appeal.

Adding dimension, overlapping shapes and using background patterns are just a few simple yet effective ways of turning a simple flat website into an outside of the box website.

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