When someone sees your website for the first time, you do not want to throw them off by not using enough white space.  What is white space?  The section of a page left intentionally untouched or unmarked is what we call white space.  It helps the viewer clearly see what it is you are trying to express in the content of your website.

Not enough white space makes it difficult for the user to find information on your website.  And it can make your company seem unorganized.  The best solution for this is to create a website with enough white space to lead the viewer to the most important aspects you want them to see.  Clean and simple design is an important strategy in developing your website.

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Graphic Design Elements That Are No Longer Cool. Part 3 – Shiny Logos

Shiny logos are just that.  Shiny.  If you take the time and energy to create a timeless logo for yourself why add excess and ruin your mark. You want to keep your logo for quite some time and it should not be recognized for how bright and lustrous it appears on your website.  Good branding […]