Indecision is often worse than the wrong decision, and you will certainly find it so when making decisions in business.

SEO companies or any other social media companies, must be able to be efficient and be on time with customers in the Fort Collins area.

Ronald Reagan told of a story long ago, when he could only get one pair of shoes a year because his parents were poor. The cobbler asked him what kind of shoes he wanted, a square toe or a round toe, and Reagan told the cobbler he didn’t know and said he would get back to him.

A week later, the cobbler asked again and Reagan said he still wasn’t sure, so a month passed and Reagan went to pick up his shoes. He had one square toe and one round toe shoe. Reagan concluded looking at those shoes every day taught him a lesson:  if you don’t make your own decisions, somebody else will.

Making no decisions can cause problems like being late to a customer or delaying a project, which will hurt efficiency and productivity. Even if it’s the wrong decision, it’s a decision and remember… a no decision is a decision.


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