Customer Service is roughly defined as providing service to a customer, prior to, in process of, and following a purchase. Good Customer Service is closely tied to the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” As consumers we have all likely experienced both good and bad examples of Customer Service. As a website design company, Customer Service is an important piece of what we do. Over the course of my next several blog entries I would like to explore Customer Service, good, bad, and general thoughts on.

Today I would like to feature some general thoughts on, inspired by a current commercial that is getting a lot of air play and has seen some discussion on internet marketing sites as well. This particular commercial suggests that one store is better than another on the basis of price, you’ve probably seen it. As I view this commercial, being familiar with both stores, I think, “Yes, it may be 13% cheaper but I really don’t care for their Customer Service. On the other hand I really enjoy the Customer Service I receive at their competitor. I’m actually happy to pay 13% more for that.” I don’t think I’m alone, in this thought. I will admit that as consumers we all can be drawn by price alone, at least some of the time. We don’t always think about how making purchases on that basis alone may be adversely effecting the quality of the service we receive though.

What do you think? Is Customer Service important to you as a consumer? Are you willing to pay more for good Customer Service? Within your business do you feel Customer Service is important? Just a few things to consider for now. I look forward to exploring this topic with you further, until the next time.