Creating a marketing process can take the worry out of both sales and marketing.  Imagine if you had a proven process that you knew would bring customers in every time you pulled the trigger.

I look at it like an ice machine at a fast food restaurant.  You know, the one that’s running low on ice.  You hold your cup under the ice machine hearing a few ice cubes rolling around in there and every once in a while one falls out.  Think of the ice machine like your marketing process and the ice cubes are your prospects.  A marketing process that’s not producing enough leads or ice cubes needs some tweaking.  If the ice machine is responsible for producing ice and keeping it cold until it’s needed, your marketing process is responsible for producing leads and nurturing them until they’re ready to buy.

Most prospects won’t buy from you on the first meeting.  It often takes four, five or even six points of contact before a prospect will be ready to trust your company and engage in a business relationship.  Sometimes, the time just isn’t right and so you need to keep them in your ice machine, tumbling around until the time is right.

So what does a marketing process look like?

Here’s one example: You could use pay-per-click advertising to drive traffic to your site.  Then use a landing page that encourages people to sign up for your free white paper so that you can collect their name and email address.  Once you collect their email address you can add their name to your automated email campaign so that they receive regular emails from your company.  From that point on, you can keep in touch until they’re ready to fall out of the bottom of the ice machine, into your cup.

Another example could look like this:  You send out a series of 7 postcards to a mailing list of local businesses encouraging the prospects to visit your site.  When they visit your site, they sign up for your newsletter, demonstrating that they are interested in your offerings.  Once the prospect has shown interest, now you follow up with a phone call asking for an appointment.  If they’re not ready to meet you just keep sending them your newsletter until they ask to be removed from your list.

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Chadd Bryant

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