Why You Should Consider Retarget Marketing Headline

If you’ve done any kind of pay per click campaigns (PPC) you have most likely heard of remarketing. It has really become somewhat of a buzzword among anyone considering an online ad campaign. If set up properly, remarketing can offer much better conversions than a standard PPC campaign.

When you start a remarketing campaign, a few lines of code  will need to be added to your webpage. This code creates a small tracking pixel. Although this pixel may not be detectable to the naked eye, it’s there. When someone visits your site, this tracking pixel stores a cookie in their browser history. As the user continues browsing online your ad will show up as certain criteria is met until the user clears their cookies. This feature allows you to tailor your marketing campaign to users that are already interested in your product, they just may need a little coaxing or a gentle reminder.

Remarketing can also be used when people abandon their shopping cart. Certain remarketing campaigns email a customer when they have haven’t completed the checkout process. This can potentially drive them back to your site and you’re provided with another opportunity to make the sale.

If you’ve ever considered dabbling in the PPC game, remarketing is a technique that can offer great ROI.


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