An employee portal is a great tool for any small business. It is an easy and secure way to share information across your organization. Traditionally, portals have helped reduce the burden on HR and administrative personnel. By posting information like calendars with paydays and holidays, benefit information and frequently used documents like expense reports in one central location, employees are better equipped to answer their own questions and easily find company information. Since many portals are web-based, employees can also find the information wherever they are, at home or in the office. In fact, companies have found portals to be so helpful that over 85% utilize them in one way or another.

Today, many companies are also using employee portals to engage employees and foster collaboration. They include a profile for each employee and photos. They also provide a space to recognize employees for outstanding work and a community space where employees can contribute ideas and brainstorm solutions. Many employers that use the portal as a social platform have found that their employees have become more productive and engaged. So, even if creating a portal seems like a daunting task, the benefits may greatly outweigh the costs.

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