So many choices to choose from.  But what is the best font to use for a website? And how do I possibly choose from the thousands that out there?  From the basic  Helvetica, to the ridiculous candy canes and curly cues, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to selecting a font that works for your website.

The main thing to remember is readability.  Whether you are reading the main title of the page or smaller fine print, it must be a font that people can read.  It is often said that using a san serif title and serif fonts for the body copy is the way to go.  The reasoning is that serif fonts help the eye transition from one word to the next and if often the case when you read a book.

Really the best font is the is one that anyone can read easily and do not use extreme fonts which that you yourself have to squint to read.  Be careful using fonts that are custom unless they are of course easy to read.

A few modern fonts that I like that are not main stream are Geogrotesque, Futura, Durant and Knockout.

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