If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media recently, you have most like likely run across an infographic. If you don’t know what an infographic is, or aren’t using them, pay attention!

What is an infographic?

Red-Rocket-infographicAn infographic is a visual representation of data or other statistical information. Let’s face it; data sets aren’t exactly the kind of thing people get excited about. Can you tell me the last time you saw anyone go nuts over seeing a line graph? How about a pie chart? It just simply does not happen.

This is because the way in which this days is presented is boring. The idea behind an effective infographic is that it simplifies intricate or very complex information in an organized manner that is easy to read.  Additionally, it should tell a story or attempt to solve a problem.  There should be a clear solution or take-away from the information presented. The average Joe should be able to understand the message your trying to get across.

Why should I use infographics?

One clear advantage of using an infographic is that it’s much easier to share across social media and, potentially, even go viral (more on leveraging infographics in social media in my next blog). Don’t be afraid to let your creativity flow. You have the opportunity to reinforce your brand and showcase your personal flair. Being unique can provide a competitive advantage.

If your business isn’t using this trendy method of sharing information, you might want to seriously consider it. Need help? contact us.

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