You know what is funny, I typically consider myself to be a very brand loyal person; especially to my evoked set – you know the first three brands you think of when you are buying a product.

It just recently occurred to me the other day when I was practicing retail therapy (shopping), that when the quality of two brands is comparable – I’m more likely to pick the cheapest and most convenient option.

This is probably one of those DUH statements, but really this whole thought kind of floored me… and then I evaluated my life and realized that my brand loyalty has always gone to the cheapest and most convenient option…

I’ve been extremely spoiled in the past, playing an intercollegiate sport entitled me to loads and loads of free athletic attire.  We were sponsored by Adidas – way to go TH in locking down that deal!!! Factor in the fact that the Adidas outlet was only 35 minutes away… and this little golfer was one happy Adidas girl!  I still remember the day that I bought a new pair of workout shorts for $2.50… Oh how I loved Adidas!!!

So here’s the thing, now that I am back home in Colorado, I don’t have an Adidas outlet… and now that I am no longer playing collegiate sports, I am not sponsored by Adidas (sad I know!?).  We do have Dick’s Sporting Goods, but when you are accustomed to a life of free apparel – Dick’s seems seriously overpriced!!!

Here’s the kicker, we do have a Nike Factory Store at the local outlet mall – so I am not doomed to pay outrageous prices!!!  That was where I was shopping when i had my epiphany about my own personal brand loyalty.  I had always considered myself an Adidas loyal, but there I was, being a brand traitor, and dropping an easy Ben Franklin on some new athletic apparel at the NIKE STORE.  I really couldn’t help it,  everything was 60% off!!! My guilt only lasted a few minutes, I’m pretty pumped about my new Nike gear…

And then it dawned on me!?  Long before I was raking in the free and inexpensive easy Adidas Gear, I was a total NIKE girl?!  I had Nike golf shoes, Nike basketball shorts, Nike basketball shoes, Nike warm up gear, Nike softball cleats, Nike … and the list goes on and on.

So for four years of my collegiate career I had sold my brand loyalty to the cheapest and most convenient option – Adidas.  And here I am now… back to Nike.  Quality wise they are comparable, so the next motivating factor to purchase is who is cheaper and more convenient to buy from.  Even if Adidas had a store in the same town, I’d probably spend my money where I could get the best deal.

So keep that in mind next time you are marketing and pricing your goods and services.  When quality is comparable, the next deciding factor is price and convenience… especially in an economy like it is today.

A good question to ask yourself is how brand loyal are you… and what determines your own brand loyalty?

-From the Writer’s Corner Office Desk (who is ironically wearing the Adidas Jacket today!?)

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