Isn’t it amazing how quickly we take things for granted when it comes to technology? Think back to 2004. If you were like most people this was the first time you heard the word “blog.” This was the year that blogs exploded into the mainstream and US dictionary publishers awarded “blog” as the word of the year. Fast forward six years and there are millions of blogs online. If your company doesn’t have a blog chances are either considering it or wondering if it is something you should add to your site. While a company blog isn’t right for every company, here are the top two reasons you should consider blogging:

1. Blogs Give Your Company a Human Voice
Many businesses embrace blogs because it gives their website a way to be less corporate. There are so many lifeless (and well designed!) corporate websites out there that are damaging because they don’t feel authentic to customers. Sure it may match your expensive corporate identity, but when was the last time it was updated? How many customers really connect to the corporate jargon and marketing lingo? Blogs are an easy way to let your company put down its guard and connect with real people. I bet there is someone in your organization that would love to have the assignment of being your company’s official blogger. Find that person and let them go crazy with it.

2. Blogs Help Search Engine Visibility
The side benefit of blogging is that it gives Google a reason to visit your site regularly. Blogging regularly gives your site a reputation with search engines for delivering consistently new and relevant information. As a result your site will get spidered more often and your search rankings will increase.

When done right a blog can be a valuable addition to your site. When done wrong there is a chance that blogging might actually hurt your website. Next week I will talk about some of those things. For more information about blogging, be sure to ask for our free report about blogging.

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