As your web design company, we’ve probably already told you by now that the word blog is a contraction for web log.  I remember the first time I saw the word.  I was over at Barnes and Noble reading.  My wife and I love to stop in there just to browse.  Here in Northern Colorado there’s a lot to do, but it’s a cheap date and we’re both enthusiastic about marketing and business in general.

It’s funny.  When I first heard the new word, I thought, “Hmmm.  That’s a new one.”   Even as the owner of a web design company, at that point I had no idea that the word blog was going to become part of our everyday language– the next big thing.   I just read about it, looked up the definition in the glossary and moved on.  Then as time went by, I started hearing more and more about it. Only time would tell how important blogs would become.

These days, the word blog has actually changed meaning slightly.  While it used to be just a contraction for web and log, these days the word had become known as an acronym for Better Listings On Google.  Google has become more and more enchanted with blogs becauase they are so easily updated.  If you comitt to keeping you blog updated, you’ll see that people will start following and eventually Google will reward you with higher listings in their search results.  They like up-to-date content.  They like to see sites that are always adding fresh content.  It doesn’t need to be lengthy.  I just needs to be fresh, and of course good.  Content is still king on the Internet and if you want to develop a great site, then you need to be sure to offer great content.

If you’ve been looking for low-cost way that you can begin to market your Northern Colorado business, then maybe blogging is what you’ve been looking for.  It won’t happen right away but with time, it will pay off.  The other day we talked about pay-per-call advertising and how it can make the phone start ringing in minutes.  Blogging won’t do that, but it will give you long-term benefits that are free, other than the time required to keep it updated.   We’ve installed blogs in many of our clients’ sites and those who take it seriously are seeing results.

Chadd Bryant

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