As you may know, we’re passionate about testing new concepts around here so I love following other agencies that work diligently testing and surveying to identifying better ways to market in a B2B world.

I regularly follow the work of the good folks at Marketing Sherpa and this week, they revealed an insightful survey that they conducted.   They asked a critical question: What is your greatest marketing challenge?   Normally we see results come back with answers across the board.  Rarely do all of the respondents line up in such a convincing way.  More than 80% of the respondents said that their greatest challenge was generating high-quality leads.  Wow!  That’s astonishing.  We never see that kind of landslide in favor of one answer.  Here are the results of their survey:


What is your company’s greatest marketing challenge? Are you frustrated with the quality of the leads that you’re generating?  Or worse yet, are you concerned because you’re not even generating any leads?  Perhaps we should visit.

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